The Haunted Halls

by John Paul I. Erram         

CERVINI HALL. On-campus dormitory for male students of the Ateneo de Manila University.

          Have you ever felt as if you’re being watched? Have you heard strange noises in the hallway late at night? It could just be your imagination, or it could be something entirely different—otherworldly and one, which not everyone can fathom.

          Out of sheer curiosity (and maybe boredom), you might find yourself wondering where you can find ghosts. You may be surprised to learn that your most frequented sites are haunted—whether it be your house, your room, your bathroom or your school. There are haunted locations everywhere, which are patiently waiting for the right time to give you a dose of the paranormal. I am about to tell you a collection of stories that surround my college dormitory.

          Like any other university, the Ateneo de Manila University has its own share of ghost stories too. What better place to find a rich circulation of ghost stories than the university’s dorms. The Ateneo has a total of four on-campus dormitories for its students. One of which is the Cervini Hall. It is a dormitory for the male students of the Ateneo. It can accommodate an estimate of 204 students in 51 rooms. The Hall is occupied mostly by freshmen and athletes.

          When I first entered Cervini Hall, I felt cloaked with uneasiness. This place was definitely eerie. I heard and experienced so many accounts of the supernatural. I decided to ask other people if they felt the same way about Cervini and if they had experiences of their own.

          I interviewed three people about their experiences in the dorm. My first interviewee was Manong Raymond (real name withheld for personal reasons), a security guard who has been working in the Ateneo for a few years now.

CERVINI COMFORT ROOM. This is located at the second floor of the building.

Raymond was doing his usual rounds. He was checking all three floors of the dormitory. When he passed by the comfort room nearest the cafeteria in the second floor of the building, he heard a dripping sound. He went in to investigate and found that a faucet wasn’t turned off properly. As he shut the faucet, the light flicked off. He didn’t seem to mind it and simply turned it on again upon leaving. When he turned to walk away, the light switched off again. When he looked back at the toilet, the lights were flickering on and off as if someone was playing with the switch. Manong Raymond swears he heard the switch clicking non-stop. He swiftly left the place to return to his guard post.

Manong Raymond also shares that in the first floor comfort room, he saw a little boy staring at him. Manong could do nothing but stare back at him. Eventually, the boy disappeared.

I then proceeded to interview Isaac Lim, a teammate of mine from the Ateneo Blue Eagles. He is a freshman; and this is his first year staying at the Cervini Hall. Isaac is a clairvoyant and isn’t a stranger to the paranormal.

Isaac’s first experience in the Cervini Hall happened in Room 213. It was his teammate’s room. Standing by the terrace door, was a big man. He simply stood there. Staring into nothingness. According to Isaac, the man is still there—a constant presence that just lingers within the room.

In another room, Room 222, Isaac and 2 of his friends decided to take a nap. He awoke from his slumber because he felt that someone was staring at him. True enough, across his bed, there was a man who was staring at them.

CERVINI HALLWAY. Students claim to hear noises from the hallways at the dead of night.

I then went on to interview Tasha Sandique, a friend of mine who is also telepathic. Tasha would always drop by the dormitory since this is where she kills most of her time while waiting for her next class. Tasha was staying at Room 213, lying at the bed nearest the terrace, since this was the bed of her friend. Since all that stayed in that room were athletes, everyone left for the varsity practice in the afternoon.

It was around 5:00 and Tasha was checking her messages on her mobile phone. From the corner of her eye, she saw a figure pass by in the hallway, which glanced at her. When she looked up, the figure was gone. She automatically thought it was someone tall (probably a basketball player) going to the comfort room, so she simply ignored this. The tall man crossed the hallway again, and glanced at her once more. Just like the first time, she decided to ignore this. The man continued to pass by and glance at her. This happened around 6 times. Tasha started to get worried because she came to realize that all the basketball players were at practice so it was unlikely that someone tall was left behind. She anticipated for the figure to pass again. This time she looked at the ground, since she also realized that she couldn’t hear any footsteps whenever the man passed by. True enough, when the figure passed by and glanced at her, Tasha saw that the tall man was floating off the ground. Upon seeing this, she immediately grabbed her things and left the dormitory.

These stories are only a few of a hundreds more. Although, different students have stayed at the dorm through the years, the stories have remained the same—little boys running through the hallways or lingering at the toilets, an apparition of a priest who roams the third floor, the dark figure at the second floor room and the never-disappearing feeling of being watched (especially when you are asleep).

Are all these figments of wild imaginations of paranoid students? Is this a product of hearsay, which has and continues to survive through the years? Are there really specters that roam the world but most people are just too preoccupied to notice? You decide.

8 responses to “The Haunted Halls

  • carmina canlas

    schools are believed to be always haunted because students, teachers ,security guards and etc. most them stay in school for almost half of their lives. kaya talagang posible na mayron ngang mga multo! syempre minsan people find real happiness in school rather than in their own homes . kaya kahit namatay na sila naiiwan pa rin ag mga ispiritu nila dto .para maranasan pa rin ag kasayahan kahit wala na sila

  • Nikki

    I actually don’t want to know whether these are true or not. HUHUHU

  • qwertio

    I used to turn-off the lights in the middle of the night, thinking that I might save electricity. Maybe people were scared about it. lol. I also felt some weird stuff happening whenever I walked through the corridor late at night, but I don’t bother about it. People get scared when they allow themselves to get scared. I once had a feeling that a demon haunts/occupies the dorm since I sense that there is some hatred and instability in the area, unlike other areas. Maybe this also causes people to think malicious/evil thoughts that’s why there is theft and other evil stuff going on in the dorm. Please pray for the dorm that God will send his angels to guard the dorm and thwart the demon away. 🙂 serious post to, no joke.

  • Ren

    I stayed there during my freshman year. Thankfully, I didn’t have any encounter with the supernatural. My friend, though, told me he saw a lady in their room, 314, which is beside our room.

  • pauly

    omg!! guys madami talaga jan sa cervini T__T ito yung one reason kaya ako ng UD nah kasi mga multo jan sa cervini and minsan kumakatok pa nga sa pintoan nyo eh @_@ @_@ _@_@ by the way room 213 ako 😀

  • Oping

    May naranasan din akong kakaiba sa dorm (Room 113 ng Cervini Hall). Isang karanasan lang naman at sana wag na masundan pa ng iba. Nangyari yun noong nakaraang 3 o 4 na taon. Magkasama kami ng mga kaibigan ko sa kwarto. Tatlo kaming naguusap, nagtatawanan at nagiingay bandang ala una ng umaga. Sa kalagitnaan ng aming kwentuhan, bigla na lang tumunog yun cabinet na parang bang may tumama o may sumuntok dahil sa galit. Habang nangyari iyon, napatigil kaming tatlo at gulat na takot na nagtitinginan sa isa’t-isa. Tahimik na naglakad yun isa kong kaibigan palabas ng silid at dalawa naman kaming dahan-dahan pumwesto at humiga para matulog. Mula nun di na kami nagiingay tuwing paglampas ng hating gabi.

  • therookies2012

    you can share also your own experience

  • Joey D

    Aw spooky … this article gave me the creeps.

    I wonder what events have happened in history of Cervini that these apparitions (the priest, the little boy spotted by Manong Raymond, etc.) continue to linger & haunt the building. I wonder why they haven’t completed “crossing over.” Perhaps you could do a part 2 of this article & interview the apparitions. Hehe.

    Solid writing. Good job.

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